Leveraging Digital to Capture the Best Talent for the IRS

U.S. Internal Revenue Service: Next Gen Personnel

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How do you help one of the federal government’s largest and most traditional organizations compete with the private sector in employing present and future financial professionals? The challenge was to take its brand to the next level while launching a revised careers website, and developing memes that would attract America’s brightest to pursue a career with the federal government as opposed to the private sector.


Extend the IRS’s employer brand by maintaining a focus on people as IRS’s most valuable asset. By harnessing these internal influencers and employing them as external advocates, launched a new thematic approach for the IRS: Count on me. The IRS is the foundation for all that our nation is capable of – and it depends on bright, capable employees to achieve its goals. The people of the IRS use their talents to serve the American public and fund its future. They really do make our nation a better place.

This brand was introduced via the IRS’s careers website and associated digital media outreach campaigns. Included within the site are sections customized for each target audience and a way to reach the appropriate section with just one click via the front page. Within each target audience is valuable information and memorable content ranging from employee video profiles to useful tools.


The IRS’s now has a new brand that reflects the benefits of working for the federal government, above and beyond those of working for private sector financial firms. The newly launched careers site and the first wave of digital collateral are reaching new audiences, beginning with college students and laddering up through to experienced professionals. And the message is clear: a career with the IRS can make your nation stronger.

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