Grassroots Marketing for CTFK

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids: e-Advocacy

online advocacy


How do you create viral momentum across social networks to encourage young people to rally against big tobacco, while harvesting the next generation of e-advocates. There’s just so much noise across Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and the rest to break through the sound barrier.


Combine the targeting and grassroots capabilities of marketing automation platforms, while developing apps that tap into the reach and networking power of Facebook and others. How? Design and develop “I Am Smoke Free” – a grassroots advocacy Facebook application for on the behalf of the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids. This application was the first to empower Facebook users to send customized and targeted political grassroots letters to elected officials directly from the Facebook platform.

Developing this application that allows people to declare themselves and their Facebook profiles as “smoke-free” and then take action to elected officials in support of clean indoor air at the same time seemed like a no-brainer to us. The “I Am Smoke Free” application takes advantage of inherent sharing of content by social networkers. This is a powerful way to combine both “viral” and word-of-mouth marketing approaches to spread a message within a social network.


The Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids gained the ability to leverage the activity happening on Facebook, while using the “I Am Smoke Free” app as a recruitment tool and as grassroots advocacy platform. Actions taken and the information collected from users and delivered by Facebook is captured and stored in the client’s account so it can be leveraged for additional email follow up or other future communications. This presents tremendous opportunities for the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids to leverage social networkers’ connections and the friends and allies they already have to multiply and grow “I Am Smoke Free” across multiple social networks.

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